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Argentinian Wine

The Argentinian wine regions are achingly beautiful with the lush vineyards set against the snow-capped Andes. The desert climate and pure water from the melting snow creates the perfect grape growing environment. Hot sunny days and cold nights produce grapes with naturally high sugar levels balanced by good acidity; the resulting wines are typically full bodied and fruity with gentle tannins.

Argentina is the world's fifth largest wine producer and Argentinian wine exports are growing rapidly. Argentine wine growers shun the discount market and can therefore offer their better quality wines at realistic prices. La Tranquera follows the same model allowing us to offer you outstanding value for money.

Argentinian Malbec is arguably the perfect red wine to pair with roast meat, rich casseroles or a BBQ but we urge you to try other Argentine flagship varieties like Bonarda and the aromatic white grape Torrontés. We also stock some top notch blends and fine Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah (Shiraz), Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot.

We try to work with smaller wineries and also growers who instead of selling grapes to big wineries are trying to add value by making their own wines. We do not work with "boutique wineries" marketing "aspirational brands" we work with passionate craftsmen growing and making top quality wines. You can read more about our producers on their profile pages and by buying from La Tranquera you can be sure you are supporting not just our family business but also those of our producers.


Viña Qaramy

We met Leonardo Bromberg from Viña Qaramy at the London International Wine Fair in 2012 and were impressed by his range of fine wines. Leonardo’s top quality grapes are normally sold to Argentina’s big name wineries but in order to add value to his crop he has decided to also produce his own range of wines. We were lucky enough to visit Viña Qaramy in 2013 and spent a day with Leonardo and his team whilst they selected the grapes for that years vintage, we can’t wait to try them!

Leonardo has been extremely patient with us whilst we set up our new business and we look forward to bringing you more wines from his range over time.

Viña Qaramy is located in Los Arboles in the Tunuyán sub-region of the Uco Valley.

Please click below to visit the Viña Qaramy producer page to learn more about the company and it’s philosophy:

Viña Qaramy Profile

Valcosta Estate

We first met Sebastián González from Valcosta at the London International Wine fair in 2013 and were immediately impressed with the quality of his wines; we also empathised with his business model of an established grape grower trying to add value to his crop by making his own wine. Sebastián has been very patient with us whilst we set up our new business and we are extremely proud to be his sole UK importer:

“Valcosta Estate is a brand new winery located in San Juan that produces high quality, exclusive wines. Valcosta represents the elegant harmony of valleys and the ancient riverbanks that gave birth to a unique place on Earth: Valle de La Luna or “Moon Valley” in the nearby Ischigualasto national park.”

Please click below to visit the Valcosta profile page to learn more about the company and their wines:

Valcosta Estate Profile

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